Wind deflectors

The FARAD wind deflectors “Mini Deflectors”  are suitable for cars, vans and trucks.

Thanks to their singular design, they look like an integral part of the vehicle.


The FARAD air “mini deflectors” are made of the last generation of shockproof and anti-splinter material, with a modern design different and specific for all car models.

The wind deflectors are the product of a co-design with the car makers, such as FIAT, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Renault and Opel, whom FARAD supplies officially.

The wind deflectors are not only used like cars decoration, but they also allow the air recycle in case of rain, or in presence of smokers.


 Wind deflectors’ main features

1. Easy to install, you just need to use the tool supplied
2.They look like an integral part of the vehicle
3. They considerably reduce air noise when the window is open
4. They let the air re-circulate whatever the weather
5. They reduce the use of the vehicle's climate control unit resulting in energy saving


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